The Man And Woman - Original Writing Essay

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She finally got her knees to support her, and carried the clothes into the storeroom. She draped the almost dry dresses over different crates, folded her undergarments and shakily added them to her bundle. Hesitant to enter the other room, she sat on the bed for a minute, then stretched out with a hand over her face. Before she had accepted his word that she would only be working here, that he wouldn’t demand or expect anything else from her.
She had been lying to herself to think a man and woman could live together so closely, and not be together physically. Before she had thought it was his problem. But tonight, if he had raised her head, kissed her … she shuddered at how close she had come to surrender.


When he shouted, “Foods getting cold,” she emerged from hiding. She kept her gaze fixed on her plate, too embarrassed to look at him. She muttered something, probably about the food. She would have said something nice, although the way she picked at it he wondered if it was as tasteless to her as it was to him.
Jasper sat, tried to swallow his food. He needed to apologize, but what good would it do. How did a man talk about such things to a young girl? It had been months since he’d been with a woman. No, then she would wonder what was wrong with him. Besides, if she asked who, telling her about Ivey Boggs seemed even more impossible.
He wanted to undo it, the moment when he forgot everything but how much he wanted and needed her. She was probably still shaking in…

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