The Man And The Band That No Knows Anything About Essay

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The man and the band that no knows anything about. If they do know something they are never quite sure if it’s true. Nick Blinko is a British outsider artist, schizophrenic, and lead singer and guitar player in the experimental Anarcho-Punk band Rudimentary Peni. Yes that’s “Peni” as in “Penis” Little is known about Rudimentary Peni and even less is known about Blinko. What there is to know is shrouded in mystery and all seems to come from a very small pool of original sources. Pooled here is what info could be deemed reliable by comparing multiple unreliable sources many of which will never be mentioned to the vague nature of there content. According to British outsider art Nick Blinko was born September 4th 1961 just outside of London in “Abbots Langley” (Blinko). There is little known information about his child hood and absolutely no mention of his parents in any remotely credible source. There are less than half a dozen pictures of Blinko and in some it’s hard to tell if its even him. Blinko appears to be Medium height, generic blond hair, handsome but sad, wrinkled button up collared shirt (Trent). What we do know about his childhood comes from a short two-page article in the magazine Raw Vision. In Blinko’s interview with Raw Vision they talk about “Coats of arms” That he drew or paper dolls he was making when he was 9 or 10 Years old. It appears that he lived with his parents until he was at least 18 and may have lived with them even longer (Tony). Additionally it…

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