The Man And His Music Essay

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The Man and His Music
Out of all the styles of blues genre, the most influential was the Mississippi Delta blues, also known as the Delta blues. It originated in the Mississippi Delta. This style of blues was recorded from the 1920’s through the late 1930’s. The Delta blues goes way back in American history. But it is mostly referring back to the African-American history. There is not one specific person who invented the blues, African Americans were the ones who started it all. But they mostly ex-slaves, slaves who were plantation workers, and the children of those who were slaves. They would sing as they worked on the fields picking cotton, or vegetables. Most of them became great guitarists and singers. There were many Delta blues musicians, some of which were Charley Patton, Tommy Johnson, Son House, and Robert Johnson. But the one that is the most well-known is Robert Johnson. Although he was considered to be the most famous of all the blues artists., his music was known years after for his incredible singing and guitar skills. It was Robert Johnsons double sounding guitar skills, his very powerful voice that held a lot of emotion, and the enriching lyrics of his songs that made him a very unique artist and unforgettable blues artist throughout history.
Before the beginning of his career, Johnson was not seen as a musician who would someday be able to popularize the music industry. He was known as the teenage boy who would played his harmonica in juke joints. He would…

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