Essay on The Mall, Barnes And Nobles, And Walmart

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During this project I observed three different locations, one is the Tanger mall, Barnes and Nobles, and Walmart. As I observed this location I saw that there are some similarities with all three, and yet at the same time the location effects the way the different genders interact by themselves or with other people. Since I really don’t spend that much time in the mall I personally think that my observation in the mall was the most interesting one. I notice that when different genders the females tend to hang out more in groups, whether it be with their family, or friends they are not alone. But with the males they tend to actually go to the mall by themselves, or with their family, it was very rare for me to actually see them in groups and if they were the most they have in the group is two people. Yet with the female shoppers they tend to be in groups of 3, 4 or more. Another interesting thing that I noticed is that the stereotype of the way man and women talks are just exactly like how the book has describe it. In the book it says that men “often lacks self-disclosure” (Linde & Edson, 2008) and that showing kind of emotions like sympathy, or “revealing of personal problems is seen as making one vulnerable” (Linde & Edson, 2008) .The reason for this is because when I was sitting down by the good area, I was able to listen to conversation between women and men. With the men they tend to talk more about cars, sports, and what they plan to do later on that day. But the…

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