The Male Dominated Patriarchal Society Essay

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The male-dominated patriarchal society in America constructs gender roles in which females or even males adhere to from a young age. Given the nature of gender roles, they outline specific behaviors that males or females are expected to follow, which in turn creates limitations for them if they venture out of those specified niches in society. Female gender roles generally designate them as the mothers, wives, or caretakers of the home. They are commonly attributed to be weak, dependent, emotional, or submissive individuals. In juxtaposition, male roles include heading of the household, providing their family 's main source of income, and occupying the majority of leadership positions in the public sphere. They are expected to be tough, independent, unemotional, and dominant. These gender roles aren 't as enforced as they were a century ago, but societal pressures to maintain these roles still prevent many from achieving their true potentials. If they go against the deemed social norm, they are often looked down upon, questioned or discouraged. Though it 's true that American society has come a long way in reducing the social and political limitations related to one 's gender, many persisting gender limitations significantly affect one 's wages, representation in the media, and judge impartiality in the court.
In modern society, women increasingly play bigger roles outside the private sphere of the home. They experience more political and social independence compared to…

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