The Male Authoritative Figures Of The Text Essay

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Moving along, we will now examine how the male authoritative figures of the text cope with Lucy’s dualism aroused by their fear of female sexuality. Very covertly in the structure of the narrative, Stoker expounds the numerous of ways characters perceive a present dualism in her character. For example, when Dr. Abraham Van Helsing first comes to visit Lucy Westenra upon Dr. John Seward’s request, we can see how these two perform carefully to bring up Lucy’s condition in her presence, they begin by beating around the bush in order to approach the situation gently, all for her supposed sake. Van Helsing feels that it is necessary to reassure Lucy she is very much loved by everyone and addresses her as “My Dear Young Miss” (149). He is essentially sweet-talking her into submission. The terms of endearment the men in the novel use to address Lucy infantilize her as a method to reaffirm her position in the pecking order of the world. In Emma Dominquez-Rue “Sins of the Flesh: Anorexia, Eroticism and the Female Vampire in Bram Stoker’s Dracula” Rue validates the notion that the male authoritative figures of Dracula consider her in a variety of ways due to the fact that they feel imperiled by Lucy’s sexual liberation: “Dracula’s diabolical kiss unleashes in Lucy an aggressive and overtly sexual voracity that represents a threat to the adoring males around her. The fact that the male character’s regard Lucy in such different ways illustrates their fear at her capacity to transform…

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