The Makishi Masquerade, An Example Of Performance Essay

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The Makishi Masquerade is an example of performance because it is an event that re-arranges restored behaviors of a ritual used to initiate boys between the ages 8-12. It is popular entertainment because it shows part of the Vaka Chiyama Cha Mukwamayi culture.
It appeals to an audience because it provides visual and audio images of costumes, dance routines, and music these individuals use in this initiation
The accessibility of this performance is youtube videos, documentaries, and/or books
Being is the Makishi Masquerade itself. Doing how the dancing, singing, and music that is performed in the ritual. Showing doing is the narration of the event in the video because it explains to the audience why they perform certain acts. The explanation of showing doing is the people in this ritual that have successfully kept up their tradition.
As cultural tourism, more specifically living history because it is an interpretation of historical information.
The different costumes and dancing make this event popular. It’s considered entertainment because it is something we don’t see in everyday life.
The audience is probably a decent size given this is an event that is heavily advertised and only looked into when information is needed. The relationship between is secular and sacred in this performance is religion. 2. A sample I used to solidifies both Goffman and Schechner’s theories is the UniverSoul Circus, like any other circus it features a ring leader and animals. The…

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