The Making Of A Divorce Culture Essay

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The idea of self-preservation has had an immense impact on the contemporary view of marriage in the twenty-first century. In her book “The Making of a divorce culture” Barbra Dafoe Whitehead annotates that the American Revolution and divorce both have some distinct parallels. Although Whitehead herself does not condone the idea of divorce. She further uses this key information as a spring board, in order to explain to the reader why in some instances divorce is necessary. When a marriage becomes oppressive, violent or cold the individual experiencing those agonizing occurrences has the right to dissolve the marriage.
Divorce now more than ever has become a large part of our lives, and has shaped who we are as a society and civilization. When attempting to comprehend why divorce occurs, Barbra Dafoe Whitehead states that: “We must dedicate our time to understanding ideas that gave impetus to the divorce revolution” (225). Whitehead recognizes that a crucial point in attempting to recognize why divorce occurs we have to search directly at the root of the problem. She also asserts that “Much like the recent divorce revolution the American Revolution has its roots in a distinctive set of ideas and claims” (225).Barbra Dafoe allows the reader to grasp the idea that the most effective way to comprehend why divorce became so popular and widely accepted over the time. We must look beyond the surface of the problem and focus on the root concepts of divorce.

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