The Major Types Of Treatments Are Behavior Therapy, Self Help, And Medications

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Fears are irrational, yet every human being has them. Fears are adaptive human responses, but when left untreated; those minor fears can turn into something unimaginable. These fears transform into exaggerated irrational fears which are known to be called phobias. There are now 600 recognized phobias by the medical profession and there’s more waiting to be discovered. Fears and phobias can be managed and cured. The three major types of treatments are behavior therapy, self-help, and medications. Medical professionals need to stop prescribing medication to people with fears and phobias, because people need to focus on long term management.
In most cases people don’t know why they’re afraid of something, “Sometimes it is really easy to figure out why you are afraid of something...Other times, identifying the situation that ignited your fear can be really hard to spot. It might even result from a combination of factors”(Umbach, 2015). This is sort of hard to acknowledge, it’s human nature to know answers and hard cold facts. When someone is fearful of something it’s completely normal to have butterflies, nervousness, queesiness; the “fight or flight” response. But, the moment that things are turned down or start to avoid things because of fear; that is when this fear is controlled by your own fear and anxiety.
There are many ways to overcome a fear. One of the most direct ways to do this is to do what you’re most afraid of. In an article about the six-part series “Panic Room”…

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