The Major Strength Of Political Philosopher Michael Sandel 's Criticisms

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We live in an era where markets pervade every aspect of our life. Markets exist to facilitate the exchange of goods and service between people, so that markets ultimately serve to transfer goods and services. It is certainly true that the commodification of all aspects of society is an increasingly worrisome trend since everything that is traded must be priced in some way. Markets are not only a means for distributing goods and services, that they also shape our culture, foster or impede the development of human capacities, and sustain or undermine valuable forms of human relationship. Therefore, morality of the market is important as it is in a free society nowadays. The major strength of political philosopher Michael Sandel’s criticisms is about American society, which has dramatically developed and eroded. I think Sandel 's own response is perfectly accurate because it is not a question of markets good or bad. It is about some things money can’t buy, and things shouldn’t actually be bought and sold in markets; also, moral boundaries should constrain market forces. First of all, in today 's society, people seek to make more money and grow their wealth, but even the richest people aren 't happy. Therefore, money is not the ultimate solutions, and many things that money can’t buy. Rules of the market simply do not apply to friendships, true love, Nobel prizes, and many other areas of life such as respect, time, or happiness. Money may destroy thing it is intended…

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