The Major Goals Of Madison Essay

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Our founding fathers designed such a special system in order to protect the US from making mistakes. The Madisonian theory explained that “rulers, if unrestrained, will tyrannized over other.” If you give all the power to the few, it will oppress the many and vice versa . The major goal of Madison system is to prevent tyranny and accumulation of power in the same hands. Therefore, a divided and limited government is created where no one possesses too much power. The three branches, legislative (Congress), executive (president), and judicial (Court), have shared power and check and balance on each other so that none of them would tyrannize over the others. In terms of party, the check and balance system decided that neither the majority nor the minority can dominate legislation when the other one disagrees. The different duties of the three branches make public policy decision hard to work in such a method, according to the textbook: “Congress approves presidential nominations and controls the budget. It can pass laws over the president’s veto and can impeach the president and remove him or her from office. The president can veto congressional legislation...The court can declare laws (or presidential acts) unconstitutional (Government in America, 53).” Other co-working involving two different branches would be, for example, the presidents recommend legislation to Congress, and nominate the judges (who are confirmed by the Senate). They can also “nominate officials as…

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