The Major Eras Of Civil War Essay

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Identify the major eras of Civil War commemoration. How do you define those transitions?

The framework of the major identity for each exclusive era throughout the commemoration of the Civil War can be shown with different transformations between the reunion of a national identity throughout the states mending a divide between Confederates and Union soldiers. This grand republic would be divided on how the rebirth and ideals how the north could move on from the war in the south would hold on to the framework of their fallen soldiers and leaders through memorials and a sense of southern/confederate pride.

In the north, grand Army of the Republic was an organization of veterans that were more fixated on politics and their presents northern communities and building up the proper Republican Party and keeping national dominance in the north. Where the Confederate veterans experience is was clearly individual liberty and local rights to defend for their right to own slaves and not feel the economical strangle and bitterness from the north. The aftermath from the reconstruction era would bring about the natural world fair of families and remembrance from ideas brought about from women 's relief Corp. in the 1880 with the vets creating 'memorial day ' to most notably destroying a slave society but still giving Americans both Southern and Northern the respect from their faith destroying a slave society but still giving Americans both southern and northern the respect from their…

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