The Major Elements and Dimensions of Culture in Italy Essay

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The Major Elements and Dimensions of Culture in Italy
The world is made up of over one hundred countries. Those countries are what make the world a melting pot of diversity, creativity, productivity, and fun. Of all the countries a person could explore, one would like to present an introduction of Italy. This paper is intended to give the reader insight on the culture, business, and international relations of Italy. Those International relations are specifically in comparison to the United States. Both countries rely on one another. For instance, it is common to see Italians sporting their American made clothing, and it is common to see Americans admiring their Italian made art. Their codependence of one another is
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How the Dimensions of Culture are Integrated by Locals Conducting Business in Italy
Business Ethics Business ethics is important for locals conducting business in Italy. Italians address one another professionally and according to their earned titles. Also, the way a person dresses says much about them, especially in a business setting. Italians are known for their influence on fashion, and business men and women place a great deal of importance on the way they dress (Stefaner, Ryzienski, & Reichelt, 2007). Dressing appropriately conveys that the person is either a proficient business person or that they are of superior social standing (Stefaner, Ryzienski, & Reichelt, 2007). To dress informally in Italy is about the equivalence of dressing in business casual in the United States of America. negotiation. The art of negation is an important aspect of business ethics. As previously mentioned, Italians pride themselves on how they look. Not only do looks have an important role in fashion, but looks also have an important role in how other things are presented, like business contracts and negotiations (Stefaner, Ryzienski, & Reichelt, 2007). It is believed that one should address potential Italian business partners by establishing trust and respect and by keeping a sense of decorum always (Stefaner, Ryzienski, & Reichelt, 2007). This goes a

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