The Major Components Of Correctional System Essay

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According to Bureau of Justice Statistics term corrections refers to the supervision of people who have been convicted of, arrested for or sentenced for criminal offence. Any action that involves criminal offenders after they have been convicted is meant to be corrective, changing their behavior to become closer to society’s norms. Corrections include in itself a variety of facilities, programs or services. It could be a community service like cleaning up the streets or a person could be on a parole and regularly reporting to a parole authority. Since we live in a society that has particular norms and regulations, it is important that the offenders would be changed to better suit in society (Clear, 2012, p.8). Corrections, just like any other organization or system has its own components. The major components of correctional system are: jails, probation, intermediate sanctions, parole, and prisons. All of these components play a huge role in the corrections, each of them fits the offender. For example, person who has committed manslaughter would not be put on probation, that offender would go to prison or a person who have been caught with marijuana a few times will not be sent to serve his time to prison. Prison is an institution that hold inmates who have been sentenced for 1 or more year, it is a place to keep offenders who have been convicted of serious crimes. Jails on the other hand are either kind of a waiting room for those offenders who have been convicted and…

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