The Major Causes Of Childhood Poverty

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Children are young and vulnerable. They do not have many options out in the real world. Parents who do not come from the best backgrounds could continue this on to their children. The rate of poverty for a small child has almost doubled the amount of adult poverty. These adults are unemployed, because of economic and demographic forces. There has been an increase in the inequality of earning among faculties, resulting in a large proportions of poverty all over the world. A major cause of childhood poverty is premarital pregnancy. Children that are living in poverty have an unfair advantage of becoming successful because of the failure of educational resources, financial problems, and a lack of extra-curricular activities such as clubs, sports, music, and many other things. Poverty is described as an economic state that does not allow a child to receive adequate basic needs. These needs are as the following food, clothing, and shelter (aap). Parents who do not nurture the children in the ways that are needed, are the reasons for childhood poverty.
Children are poor because they live with parents that are poor. The rate of poverty for children is almost doubled the amount of adult poverty. These adults are poor because
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Many other global problems have an affect on child poverty. Such as adults, the parents of these children. Child poverty very serious because, the youth need to grow up and have something for their lives. The country wants youth to turn away from the streets, and get in school, continue secondary education, and have a well paying job. Wanting children to have the same opportunity the richest man had in the world. More children are wanted to get involved in extra activities, and programs to help them be a better person in life. to build that character. Trying to make a difference by starting with the young ones. There solutions to reduce the numbers of child poverty, especially with Obama’s

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