The Major Causes Of Child Abuse

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Child Abuse is a greater issue in society today. While most forms of child abuse fall under abuse and neglect, the greater damage is that of the experience the victim faced and its constant burden that must bear with them for the rest of their lives. While child abuse is an ongoing and extensive issue in our modern world, victims can find salvation in using their voices to alert authorities for prevention and protection. These facts and accounts of child abuse impart the permanent fears instilled in it’s victims and the ceaseless issues they have faced in protection services. Child Abuse is a terrible issue in society and it is our jobs as christian advocates to provide support to victims and help with prevention of future incidents. Every year more than 6 million children are victims of child abuse whether that be sexual, physical, or emotional. These forms of child abuse can be direct or indirect. Direct child abuse is …show more content…
Households with substance abuse, anger issues, past sexual harm, and neglect are the main causes of abuse in the home. Past experiences with child abuse, neglect, or abandonment are causes of continued child abuse in the next generation. Other cases of child abuse root from momentary things such as frustration. In fact the main causes of Shaken Baby Syndrome, a form or physical abuse in infants, is frustration or anger because of constant crying. One man, Dave Pelzer, wrote a book on his own personal experiences with abuse, where he vividly describes the physical and mental abuse his mother inflicted on him as a child. “Childhood should be carefree, playing in the sun; not living a nightmare in the darkness of the soul.” Pelzer was starved, forced to bathe in toxic chemicals, and verbally abused by his mother, and it wasn 't until later on in his life that he eventually came out about the situation in his book, “A Child Called

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