The Main Test Of Effective Authoritarian Leadership Essay

1935 Words Feb 5th, 2016 8 Pages
An authoritarian leader is someone who has individual control over all decisions and tends to make choices based on their own beliefs and as they have centralised power, also having the final decision. An effective authoritarian leader is different however, they take advice, handle opposition well, maintain strong relationships with elites and the masses and have strong decision making. The main test of effective authoritarian leadership is the strengthening of the German state into the future. I will be approaching this essay in a thematic way as it creates a clearer judgement when you compare leaders on the same topics rather than on random achievements or failures, using a structured outline also allows for a more coherent conclusion. Things that happened in Germany between the years 1848 to 1961 in Germany include the 1848 revolutions, the Unification of Germany, World War 1, the Treaty of Versailles, beginning of the Weimar Republic, the rise of the Nazis, World War 2, the split of Germany into the Federal Republic of Germany and the German Democratic Republic. Hindenburg who was leader from 1925-1934 some evidence for Hindenburg being an effective leader comes from the fact that he managed to keep his reputation in tact after the war and remained to be seen as a hero, however there is also evidence to suggest that Hindenburg was not the most effective of leaders, as he didn’t fully utilise the advanced industrial economy that Germany had. This study will argue…

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