The Main Street Entrepreneurship Report Essay examples

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“The Main Street Entrepreneurship report shows that small businesses activity in the United States was on the rise in 2015, reversing a six-year downward trend.” (Kauffman) For those in the entrepreneurial and small business area, this is a sign of relief as small business activity has surpassed pre-recession levels and is on the rise. Every year thousands of college students finish their studies and enter the workforce as working adults but since the start of the twenty first century, entrepreneurship is on the rise. With the rapid increase of opportunity for new ideas and products this time in age has become known as The Entrepreneurial Boom. Giving many the opportunity to enter business careers like me who want to be able to do the impossible.
Although business is booming and startups are being created every day, it 's not an easy task to undertake. As one successful entrepreneur said, “The bad news is, the data shows you will almost certainly fail,” warns Phil Libin, co-founder of Inc.’s 2011 Company of the Year, Evernote. “The good news is, if you aren’t afraid of failure, and want to start a company for the right reasons, there has never been a better time to do it.” (Schurenberg) And he 's right, as it has never been easier or cheaper to start a company that can grow to scale. Thanks to open-source software, social media platforms, broadband penetration, the cost of launching a business has plummeted by 90 percent or more since 2000. But this job takes dedication and…

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