The Main Reason Of Drugs Essay

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There are a lot of reasons that kids fail or do badly in school but in my opinion, the main reason is drugs. Some people use them for personal use but some use them to focus. There are people that, believe it or not, use them to study for school. It just depends on the person who’s taking them. They can easily get addicted and are going to turn to using this drug to study and sometimes eventually abusing this drug for pleasure. In February and March 2012, 58 interviews took place. The interviews were with undergraduates from UoT. Cannabis is one of the main drugs they use at this school. Kids at this school did not have to answer if they did not want to they could have also stopped the interview at anytime. There is an interview between a researcher and a student named Pam. “My critical reading score went up 100 points” Pam said. She also said she felt aware and that it was the first time she had experimented with drugs. She also commented that her friends have done it for reasons other than to study and that they usually crush it and snort it.

The researcher asked what she thinks about other students using drugs to study. She said she doesn’t find it cheating and that it doesn’t make you smarter it just blocks out noise. She also says that kids are overworked, overstressed and don’t get enough sleep. I agree with her we are overworked and overstressed and the sleep problem is our fault. Kids can easily fall asleep earlier but we choose to stay up and…

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