Essay The Main Reason Gender Roles

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The main reason gender roles came to be was because of how power was obtained in those times. War and fighting could lead to victory, victory led to prestige, and that led to power. Men usually have more muscle mass thus making them better fighters, especially without today’s resources, so they did a lot of the fighting and winning. That meant that more women just gave birth, and raised families and households. This pattern simply continued because it worked well for those societies at that time, and it has just stuck with us.
This has had a huge effect on our development as a society, and a species. Many expectations, requirements, and roles have been put on men and women that are harmful to everyone. For men, they must be “manly”, but defining “manly” is relative. A stereotypical view would be someone who is very strong, fearless, bearded, heterosexual, and only enjoys “masculine” things. This is not to say that someone who fits this description is in any way problematic, but that the expectation to do so is. And, the feeling of inadequacy that can arise when someone does not meet the criteria. Also, “masculine” activities must be highlighted like drinking beer, playing football or golf, building something, and doing most things that are very laborious. Again though, those are stereotypical, and liking them is not the problem. Liking them because to me a man you must, is.
Women also have rules they must abide by to be feminine. They should have long hair, be passive,…

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