The Main Motives Underlying New Imperialism During The 1820s And 1900 ' S

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During the 1870s and 1900’s, Africa faced European’s act of imperialist invasion, diplomatic pressures, invasions by the navy and militia, and eventually Africa encountered conquest and colonization. African’s did not like this and different cities and societies within Africa tried various forms of protection against the attempt to colonize their countries. Imperialism did not only occur in Africa but it also occurred in China and India. By looking at these documents and my knowledge I can conclude that the two main motivations underlying new imperialism in Africa were, wealth, power,

Firstly, the wealth. Wealth was a key reason why imperialism started because many countries wanted to become more rich. Sine countries wanted to become more rich they set out to Africa to try to find new land in which they can produce materials to make their country more wealthy. So countries like Britain, France, Germany, and others went to Africa, colonized different countries and with these new countries they colonized they tried to find these resources in which they can either bring to their countries or keep in Africa. In document 5 it talks about how countries were looking to find “sources for the raw materials [which could help] to expand their industrial economies.” I said before, these countries went into Africa to try to find raw materials such as cotton, Cocoa, Sugar Cane, and more to help expand their countries wealth and eventually help their country grow. Exploitation was…

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