Evaluate The Main Marketing Strategies Employed By Aldi

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3. Evaluate the main marketing strategies that are employed by ALDI.
The strategies implemented by ALDI have been fairly effective in the growth of the business. It is vital for the business to implement marketing strategies that aim for growth and positive change in order to achieve the business marketing objectives. ALDI places an importance in the four marketing strategies to meet its target market in the marketing mix to develop products to satisfy the customers, select the most appropriate pricing method, determine the suitability of a good location and to make the existence of products known through promotion. 3.1 Products
ALDI has a consumer marketing approach, which places an importance on customer loyalty and continual satisfaction in order to generate, repeat sales, however, minor problems have caused speculations of the products produced by ALDI. In terms of developing products, ALDI has critically limited the overall product range and positioning their product and to get the
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Despite low prices may encourage sales in ALDI, consumers perceive low prices are commensurate with low quality, it is evident through the rapid growth, internationally and domestically that this is not the case since ALDI has uniquely aligned low prices with high quality (Dhall, 2015). It provides 30% cheaper products and keeps everyday low prices the same globally, which has been successful in benefiting the customers from getting, confuse, and in turn reduces the selection time. As a result, ALDI highly competitive prices have achieved substantial growth in its market share in Australia through increasing sales and revenue and developed brand loyalty, which has ensured that the volume of turnover is high, therefore this strategy would be considered highly

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