The Main Features Of A Person Who Is Best Done By One Person Essay example

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Belinda: Now, the main event, you are going to have two main speakers. I have been to so many opportunity events where they had someone get up and talk about the customer special, then they had someone talk about the hostess program, then they had someone get up and talk about the compensation plan, and it makes it very disjointed. One person is maybe a good speaker and the other one maybe isn’t quite as good.

It doesn’t all blend together, and I have found, again like I’ve talked about, product, program, and opportunity, where you can bring these things into play, is best done by one person. One dynamic person who is just going to get people so excited that they can’t hardly wait to join. They can’t hardly wait to get started. So, that is one of your two main speakers. The other one of the two is going to be the person who reaches in and tugs on a person’s heartstrings.

It is like the person who is very nurturing, very caring, and speaker look at them when they speak. They might not be that dynamic, high energy speaker, but when they speak, people are comforted and listening to them. It puts them at ease and makes them not afraid. It makes them think, wow, I never thought about it that way, and maybe I could do this. It builds that little bit of confidence in a guest that is there. That is the person, not he rah, rah gal. The second speaker is the rah, rah gal, this is the gal who is just going to set the stage.

It’s almost like a mothering way about them, so that…

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