What Caused The Civil War

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April 12,1862 wasn’t just an ordinary day, it was the first battle of Fort Sumter, officially known as the start of the war named as the “American Civil War”. This was indeed, a very bloody war, with many different aspects - such as what caused it, What were the main events and what was the outcome?

What Caused The Civil War?
A big, big reason why this war took place was the horrifying reality of “Slavery”. Abolitionists ( people who wanted to abolish slavery), especially in the North (whom they had an industrialized economy) saw that slavery was wrong, and wanted to free the oppressed slaves, to the point where they would just fight in order to free the slaves. Unlike the North which they had an industrial industry, the South however had
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To start this, the election of “Republican Party” Abraham Lincoln- Which opposed slavery was closely elected. This was of course, considered a menace to the slavery business, and one by one - Starting with South Carolina withdrew from the Union, to establish the new “Confederate”. This was inadmissible towards the Union. And launched a bombardment Fort Sumter. This was by far, as we know it the start of the “American Civil War” Speaking of battles, The first battle known as the “ Battle Of Bull Run” was the first major land battle occurring in July 21, 1851 near Manassas, Virginia. There we’re estimately 28,450 Union troops, which undertook a surprise attack on 32,000 Confederate Troops, This was costly towards the Union troops. And lost 3,000 casualties. One year after the first battle, just as Union started to lose hope at this war. Then it happened, April 13th, 1862 was indeed a very important day, especially day to the Union. This was undoubtedly, the capture of Confederate’s largest city, “ New Orleans”. This was an immense advantage, and gave the Union huge economic power, especially trade ( Mississippi River). More battles took place, such as the Battle of Antietam which was the first battle that took place in Northern territory, totalling 23,000 casualties with 4,800 deaths. With Lincoln still president, he made a proclamation known as “ The Emancipation Proclamation”, which stated the freedom “ 3.1 million slaves” residing in the South. This was, signed in January 1,1836 a new year. This inflamed the South, and effectively a “desperation” to destroy the South. One of the interesting, and bloodiest battle, was known as “The Battle Of Gettysburg”. 46,000 casualties, with 8,000 killed, Lasting over 3 days. This was known also as the “turning point of war”. It was time again, the election was here once again. This was a huge opportunity to the South, finally kicking out the “Anti-Slave” president.

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