The Main Core That Holds Society Essay

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The main core that holds society is the order. The term social order refers to a particular system of linked social structures, institutions, relations, values, customs and practices which maintain certain important patterns of behaving and relating. Social order is a stable state of society where the social order is accepted and maintained by its members. “Social order is largely reproduced over time through the cycle of socialization” (Martin, 93). Martin questions socialization and reproduction of social practices. He argues that most daily life practices are not just the way they are, but how people have made them. Martin claims that most practices become naturalized and mystified, so that they have become as fictitious necessities. He states that legitimation often refers when individuals require further justification for the life practices that they own. In addition, Martin claims that legitimations involve appeals to what the gods say. He conceptualizes the legitimations as “manufacturing consents”. To support his statements he gives several simple life examples. For instance, Martin claims that people do not always want to do what they are told; however, he believes that one can manufacture their consent by convincing them that they must, that it is inevitable that they comply, or that there will be supernatural consequences if they do not. He states that expression “you’ll go to hell if you don’t” is a common example that people use when they want to persuade…

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