The Main Characteristics Of A Dystopian Society Essay

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Visualize living in the most unsuitable society where the government

monitors and controls everything that a citizen does; a society in which a citizen has

no mind of their own. A universe in which any action to taken against the government

can result in a punishment of isolation, torture, or even death. There is no

independence, no freedom, and no personal thought. It is often rampant with poverty,

diseases, and filth. A society where your career and social status are pre-destined and

you cannot alter it. Imagine that the government of this society did everything in its

power to make you believe that this was the most ideal living situation for you. In most

Dystopian cases this series of events takes place. The key characteristics of a

Dystopian society is by using propaganda to take over the minds of citizens. Their

religions, opinions, and freedom have no room in this society. The government plays a

huge role in the chaos that goes on in a dystopian society.Citizens in a dystopian

society have to abide by the rules that are set by the government whether they agree or


In 1984 the government was taking over society by limiting and controlling the

population. “He who controls the past controls the future. He who controls the

present controls the past”’ (Orwell 69). Big brother has ordered for everyone to destroy

history. Citizens in 1984 were being controlled by the government. The citizens

were not able to…

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