The Main Causes Of Migration Essay

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First, the societal instability becomes one of the main causes of migration because it can lead to war, and poor physical impacts. War occurs when there is a conflict between the government and the rebel groups, including Muslim extremism (“Push Factors”). These rebel groups have attempts “to overthrow the Assad regime, resulting in more than [eighty thousand] deaths as well as extensive human rights atrocities…” (“Push Factors”). In fact, they murder for those who cannot “accept its fascist barbarism…” (Petrou). Furthermore, this unrest can lead to weak impacts including the following: lack of electricity, power, poor road conditions, and destroyed infrastructures (Petrou). As a result of these conditions, most migrants have a preference to escape. They are the refugees. This group of migrants are “unable or unwilling to return to their country of origin owing to a well-founded fear of being persecuted for reasons of race, religion, nationality, and membership of a particular social group or political opinion…” (“Push Factors”). Additionally, some of them have illegally crossed the borders, particularly across the Mediterranean Sea, so that they can get away from wars and other conflicts (Sweas). Therefore, war and poor physical conditions causes the societal uncertainty, which makes people move to other places. Not only societal instability causes individuals to move, but another reason why people move places is due to poverty.
People who live in poverty choose to migrate…

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