The Main Causes And Consequences Of Gender Inequality Essay

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What are the main causes and consequences of gender inequality in the workplace?

Gender. Gender is the characterisation of man and woman and the way societies make distinction between them and assign them social roles. Gender is gotten thoroughly related to the roles assigned to men and women based on their sexual differences. Gender differences have been created by society, for example men are encouraged to be outgoing and tough whereas women are encouraged to be shy and homebound. Gender differences often lead to inequality, however this inequality is not only based on the differences but also on how people are treated differently because of their sex.
Gender inequality is an unfair treatment to both sexes and especially in the workplace considered as illegal. There are several laws in place to eliminate these practices in work situations where one gender is given preferential treatment. Employers who provide different working conditions and promotional opportunities for men and women violate the laws. Less pay and job responsibilities because of gender bias occur very often in the workplace and need to be eliminated due to the consequences that follow these activities.
There are three main factors that cause gender inequality in the workplace, hiring, promotion and lastly salaries. When hiring employees, the employer always looks at the qualifications and degree needed to fulfill the job. In the UK 2012- 2013, 57 percent of the students at university were female and 42…

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