Essay The Main Cause Of World War II

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One of the main causes of World War II can be traced back to the growth of eugenics on an intercontinental basis and movements based around the concept of a “pure” race, stemming from Sir Francis Galton’s theories on the various ways, “the English race might most easily be improved.” The newly found ideas of selectivity in the breeding of human beings is easily one of the most consequential breaks in the “monotony” that was the scientific community at that time. It provided a new perspective for citizens in different countries on why and how to preserve their nationalistic sense of decency. This, while an example of continuity on the pride an individual can have for their race, is also an example of a break in continuity, because eugenics, as can be witnessed in the rise of the NSDAP, inspired countries or groups of individuals to establish programs that significantly altered the populations of the respective nations. This is reflected in, what is perhaps one of the most important documents to the creation of the Third Reich, Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf, the declaration of Hitler’s personal beliefs. Ironically, these beliefs are mirrored in the American case of Buck v. Bell, which established the state’s power to sterilize all those who were deemed unfit for propagation. Both of these pieces of evidence stem from the recently formed scientific branch of eugenics. All together, the era of World War II was caused in part by a significant change in perspective, resulting in the…

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