The Main Cause Of The French Revolution Essay

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In 1789, 97% of the French Society consisted of Third Estate. The Third Estate was made of the commoners and peasants of France. They didn’t have many rights or much money and their problems were ignored (Pipe, Jim 10). The main cause of the French Revolution was the structural inequality and unfair rights. This lead the Third Estate to believe that the Second and First Estates were enjoying life at the expense of their own lives and well being (The French Revolution 1- 2). When the Third Estate were tiered of not being heard and no support from higher classes, they decided to start the National Assembly in order to hold meetings with other legislatures were they discussed about current problems, reforms and needs. The National Assembly was heavily inspired by the Enlightenment Ideas.

Taxes caused major dilemmas in the French Society. The commoners and peasants didn’t have enough money to get a proper education and as a result they didn’t have the best jobs (Hoban, Sarah 30 - 31). They worked for long hard hours but made very little money. Their landlords and tax collectors hurt them physically and raised the mortgages (Pipe, Jim 10-11). Another problem was that the Third Estate paid all of the taxes with the little money they had, even though the nobles, First and Second Estates were wealthier and worked less. The Third Estate didn’t have a good selection of jobs. They either made or sold but some were farmers. Most food was expensive so they had to rely on bread, few…

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