The Main Cause Of The French Revolution Essay

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"No body and no individual may exercise authority which does not emanate from the nation expressly..." (Source E). This quote, from the Declaration of Rights of Man and Citizens, is one of the many ideas that came after consistent agitation in France before the beginning of the French Evolution. Starting at the roots of King Louis ' unreliable rule and ending in a forceful voice from the third estate, France entered a chain of chronological causes that brought a desperate need for Revolution; each cause significantly testing the strength of the country.
The three main causes of the French Revolution were King Louis XVI creating an unstable political and economical stance during his absolute rule, the excessive taxation and starvation within the poverty-stricken third estate, and the spread of political and social Enlightenment ideas throughout France. The core of the detrimental matters sparking the French Revolution began with the illy- prepared monarch, King Louis XVI 's, unstable economical and political affairs. King Louis was thrown into rule after his grandfather, King Louis XV, died of smallpox. According to the History Channel documentary, The French Revolution, "although he [Louis] had been educated on the full expectation of becoming king, he did not feel ready for it." After King Louis XV lost the Seven Years war that placed a large economical decline on France, Louis XVI was unsure of how to properly take over and create a more solid political stance. Not only…

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