The Main Cause Of The Civil War Essay

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The Main Cause of the Civil War
The main cause of the Civil War started because the south felt like they were losing control of slavery which was the central conflict cause of the war, from the north in the United States. The south knew slavery was necessary for the economy and production to keep growing. Abolitionists and the Free Soil Party which formed into the Republican party and it was the first party committed to ending slavery throughout the United States because the south wanted to expand slavery. Most northerners knew that expansion of slavery would take more jobs away from white Americans.
Cotton starting becoming the primary chief commercial crop in the south over tobacco, primarily in South Carolina, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas. The United States was now producing two-thirds of the world cotton. Nine new slave states entered between 1789-1860, by 1850 there were 3.2 million slaves in the country living in the fifteen slave states and 1.8 million slaves were producing cotton. In 1860 the slaves produced over two billion pounds of cotton per year. With economics and production going well South Carolinian politician James Hammond claimed that the north interfere with the south because cotton was the king of agriculture. Great Britain and the north in the US had a demand for cotton in the industrial mills, and would supply the northern textile mills. Cotton made more millionaires in Mississippi than anywhere else in the United…

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