The Main Cause Of The American Civil War Essay

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What do you think was the main cause of the American Civil War? Can you really choose just one event? As we look back throughout history, we can see several clues as to what may have led up to the American Civil War. This is by far one of the most defining eras in the history of the United States of America. This war has been debated throughout the century by highly regarded scholars. Although many disagree on bits and pieces of how and why it all played out the way it did, most would agree that there are four critical events prior to 1861, that were the main causes of the worst war on American soil. I firmly believe that the creation of the cotton gin and the agricultural growth of cotton crops, the failure of The Compromise of 1850, Bleeding Kanas, along with the election of Abraham Lincoln are the most influential events that led to the American Civil War. I will describe each of these events, and explain how each had a hand in causing the complete division of our nation. I will also explain what I feel was the major reason this war was inevitable. To me, it all boils down to economic growth verses human decency. First, it must be agreed that with the huge success of cotton in the lower, deep south, the ownership of slaves grew exponentially between 1820 to 1860’s. Even though cotton was not an easy crop to grow it was the supply and demand of cotton that made the use of slaves a necessity in the South. The cotton crops were difficult to grow and grueling to harvest,…

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