Essay about The Main Arguments Of The Readings

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Summarize the key arguments of the readings Alexander Betts’ article, “From Persecution to Deprivation: How Refugee Norms Adapt at Implementation” sought to demonstrate that the variation in practice in the application of non-refoulement between South Africa and Botswana could not be explained by the variation in the institutionalization of international norms. Regime stretching is demonstrated through the case study of South Africa and Botswana as host states for Zimbabweans. South Africa demonstrated regime stretching through the temporary suspension of the deportation of refugees who fell outside of the 1951 Convention framework. Botswana did not demonstrate regime stretching; Zimbabwean survival migrants were detained and deported. Both host states bear similar characteristics, but they differ in their institutionalization of the refugee regime. Both host states have signed and ratified the 1951 Convention, 1967 Protocol, and the same human right instruments, but South Africa incorporated the 1969 OAU Convention within its national legislation while Botswana did not. This difference in institutionalization does not explain the variation in the practice of non-refoulement. Betts’ main argument is that “when international law has been imprecise or ambiguous, national politics determines what international law actually means in practice” (Betts 190). It was the interests of elites in both states at the implementation stage that defined the degree of regime stretching.…

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