The Main Argument Of New Jack By Ted Conover Essay

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The main argument of New Jack by Ted Conover is to explain the isolating and challenging endeavor of being a corrections officer in prisons around the United States, more specifically, Sing Sing Prison, located in New York. The common mindset of “the grey uniforms are the good guys and the green uniforms are the bad guys.” (p.16) I believe the idea of the struggles of not only the correction officer, but the inmates as well are expressed within the novel. Not only did Conover struggle with the treatment of the correction offers who worked treacherous hours, and being linked to problems such as, “highest rates of divorce, heart disease, alcohol and drug addiction,” (p.20) Conover also grew a genuine concern for the inmates themselves. “ …the absence in the hearts of decent people, the holes that criminals punched in their lives, the absence of the things they took: money, peace of mind, health, and entire lives, because they were selfish or sick or scared or just couldn 't wait." (157) Conover later explored the essential relationship between the C.O. and the inmate to determine the treatment and reputation received among the inmates, something that determined how the officers “a life sentence in 8 hour shifts” turned out. Though his experience, watching mistreatment, exploitation of weakness, and venomous influential power spread through the facility helped contribute to the effectiveness of the main point of his novel, showing and exploiting prisons in the United States,…

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