Essay on The Magic Eye Of The Eye

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About fifteen or twenty years ago the Magic Eye craze captivated me. I can remember strolling through the local mall and seeing entire displays of these intriguing pictures. These computer-generated pictures (known as autostereograms) revealed a hidden three-dimensional picture if you stared just the right way. I can still think of receiving a book with Bible story versions of these hidden icons, which I enjoyed deeply.
What caught my attention was the number of people who couldn’t see the hidden picture. It was as if the picture would remain out of their view forever. For us who could see the images, it was apparent there was more than meets the eye in these magical pictures.
As we begin our journey through the book of Revelation, we will quickly notice that like the Magic Eye pictures, there is more here than meets the eye. This extraordinary text of sacred Scripture consists of intricate, puzzling, and even bizarre images and scenes that reveal to us there is more going on in our world and throughout history than what is obvious at first glance. Indeed, at first glance Revelation may seem confusing and mysterious, but there is a glorious picture to be seen that will prove to be of incredible profit and blessing for all who turn their attention to the meaning of this book.

My story

Growing up in the church from a young age, the meaning of the book of Revelation perplexed me. I believed that all I would ever see, like the Magic Eye picture, was what appeared to be on the…

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