The Magic Behind Vocabulary : Many Reasons For Kids Essay

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The Magic Behind Vocabulary: Many Reasons to Talk to Our Children

With the growing number of children from non-English speaking families coming to our classroom every day we need to ensure our bilingual programs are meeting their needs. By meeting their needs, we do not mean passing the standardized assessments at the end of the year, we are referring to long term success in both languages. Everyone has heard that speaking two languages is better than one, and it is true, but it is not as simple as it sounds. Just as baking a cake needs ingredients in the right amount to bake properly, every bilingual program needs necessary elements that meet students’ different proficiency levels to be successful. We all know the reasons why bilingual education in elementary school years is greatly beneficial to our students. However, we are unfamiliar with factors that can cause our bilingual students to struggle in the later years. Lack of vocabulary is the main reason behind this seeming contradiction. To make sure we are really helping our bilingual students and ensuring their future success we need to make sure we are helping them grow their vocabulary in both languages. While we understand the importance of bilingualism and the benefits that it will bring students in the future we want them to be successful in English when they exit the bilingual program and the best way to achieve this is by closing their vocabulary gap. Once bilingual students exit the bilingual program they will…

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