The Magazine Vogue And Ebony Magazine Essay

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The two magazines that I have chosen to analyze my advertisements from are Vogue and Ebony Magazine. The magazine Vogue targets the audience of male and female, but predominantly female targeting an audience range of 17 to early 40’s. As for the Ebony Magazine it draws in an audience equally to males and females. Ebony Magazine targets a much more broad audience than vogue, ranging from as young as seventeen to as old as late 50’s. Ebony Magazine also focuses more on an African American audience, unlike Vogue who focuses more on a Caucasian audience. The two advertisements that gained my attention have the same intention of selling their product, but go about it in very opposite ways. With that being said, they represent post-feminism, intersectionaility, and patriarchy in their own way as well. I chose the two advertisements amongst the others, because the message they were selling was much deeper, and goes beyond the actual product they were trying to sale.
For my first advertisement, ad#1 comes from the magazine Vogue. In this advertisement there is a man in a very bulk warm jacket with a fur hood covering his head. Then there is a fare skinned, red headed woman who is nude wrapped up in the arms of the man pressed against his chest in a very submissive position. In the background you can tell the temperature is very cold, displaying dead trees with snow and ice submerged over them. In ad#1 this is prime example of a patriarchy system, a patriarchy system is where men…

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