Essay on The Lunches Served At Schools

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The lunches served at schools across the country are terrible. They lack the nutrition needed to sustain a student and they are not very good looking or tasting. The lunches are a main reason why students in America are unhealthy. If the lunches do not taste good or do not make them full, students are going to resort to eating more junk food throughout the day. The foods used are always frozen and prepared. They are never fresh and prepared in the school 's kitchen. If the food was fresh it would taste so much better. School lunches in other countries are years ahead of the one here in America. Lunches in other countries usually consist of fresh local meat, fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh bread roll, and sometimes a little dessert popular in that country. There are lots of problems with school lunches, but there are different solutions that could help.
One of the main problems with school lunches are the ingredients used. According to Elizabeth in her article 10 reasons to avoid school lunches like the plague, a burger served at one school had twenty six ingredients. Some of those ingredients lead to an increase incidence of cancer in animal testing. A lot of the meat served at schools would be rejected by fast food restaurants. One Chicago school hand silicon dioxide in a chicken sandwich. For those who do not know what that is, sand, it is sand. Sand does not belong in chicken. School lunches are also jam packed with GMOs. GMO stands for Genetically Modified Organisms.…

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