The Lunch Date By Adam Davidson Essay

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Lunch Date
“A woman misses her train and buys lunch in a café. When she returns to her table, a man is eating her salad,” (The Lunch Date, 1989). This seems to be the plot behind the film The Lunch Date, released in 1989. A short film that uses irony as its main literary device, by playing on suspense, certain camera angles, and costume design. The film was written and directed by Adam Davidson, then was selected for the Cinema16: American short films in 2006.
The Lunch Date begins in a train station, where a woman misses her train and goes into a café to eat and wait until the next train arrives. She collects her food, a chicken salad, then sits at her table, just as she realizes she needs silverware. When she returns, she sees a man eating her lunch. She is shocked at first and tries to reason with the man. Then decides to share her dinner with the stranger, afterwards he gets coffee for the two of them. She leaves shortly after he brings the coffee, realizing she left her bags behind, she hurries back. It is then that she realizes that her own meal was on another table. The woman laughs it off and hurries to her train, most likely to get home.
The story itself is derived from a classic urban legend, referred to as "A Packet of Biscuits" from 1972. Where a man sits down to enjoy a bag of cookies he had just bought. As he sits and reads his newspaper an older woman sits down beside him. Incredulously he sees her begin to eat his bag of cookies, he takes one to show…

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