The Low Socio Economic Status Essay

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Tim’s sub-group of being from a low socio-economic status (SES), form more than 45% of the school student population within Australia (Australia Bureau of Statistics, 2009).

Slide 8 – Primary Years – Reading (First Speaker). Tim enjoys reading and often asks to take books home. However, Tim’s mother has limited educational achievement, therefore she does not read with Tim at home. As a result, Tim’s cognitive reading skills are disadvantaged, as he does not have the opportunities to engage with rich reading materials nor literature outside of school. Tim rarely visits the local library. Consequently, Tim is below the National benchmark for spelling and word building. Tim’s reading skills were just above the benchmark, but showed concerns with higher order comprehension, lack of creativity and depth.

Second Speaker (Please click second speaker for additional information). Smith and Orr (2013) argue that low-SES children have access to fewer books and learning materials in their home as opposed to children who are not considered ‘disadvantaged’. Consequently, all children the same rights to access support and resources that will assist them to develop. However, many parents from low SES groups do not have the skills or experience needed, to support their child’s education. For example, Tim’s mother who has limited educational achievement and does not interact or engage with the school would have difficulty supporting Tim’s educational needs. Therefore, as Tim and other…

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