The Love Of God 's Love Essay

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An overlaying theme that stands out to me: the everlasting love of a gracious father to an undeserving people. I relate to these people as time and time again I have strayed from the Lord when I thought that I knew best. Personally, I came form a background where the Bible was strictly a religion and not a relationship. I came from a background where I was constantly put down for messing up and being told that I was worthless to God.
There came a time in my life where I placed my eyes on man instead of God. I saw my flawed spiritual leaders as an image of God, and when I was deeply hurt by them, I pushed away from everything that I loved growing up. As a child I was filled with the joy of the Lord and could not imagine life without him. That joy was quickly flushed out when the people I looked up to trampled me telling me I was worthless.
Although I was raised with a Christian background, I was never taught the reality of God’s love. Since I was a kid God was a character in an awesome story, but nothing more. Reading the Old Testament and analyzing it showed me God’s heart and his beautiful plan for humanity. God is not absent in the Old Testament, on the contrary, he is alive and constantly has his arms open for His children.
From the beginning God had a plan, he would create humans in his image to have fellowship with them and so that they would worship him. Since before time began God knew of Israel’s rebellion and fall, and still he went through with his plan. If I…

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