The Love Of Freedom, And Black People Essay examples

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The blacks love their lives and the white do. Even though many of them had miserable lives, they would like to survive. Just as Northup said, “Life is dear to every living thing; the worm that crawls upon the ground will struggle for it. At that moment it was dear to me, enslaved and treated as I was” (135). The love for life supported the slaves to live and put up with all the unequal treatment, and this kind of characteristics helped them survive and create their own culture. Some of the whites argued that the blacks did not need freedom, and they was satisfied with what they were now. This was not true according to Northup; he wrote in the book, “They (people) will find that ninety-nine out of every hundred are intelligent enough to understand their situation, and to cherish in their bosoms the love of freedom, as passionately as themselves” (207). Human beings love freedom, and black people are not the exceptions. They were not ignorance about what their situations were, and most of them looked forward for the freedom. When Christmas came, all the slaves enjoyed the three days of free: they sang, danced, and celebrated for the only festival (215). The longing for free and happy lives never fade away. Thus, black people would fight for their right if they determined to do so. The first time Mr. Tibeats wanted to whip Northup despite of the truth that he did nothing wrong, Northup thought, “I was guilty of no wrong whatever, and deserved commendation rather than…

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