Iago's Love In Othello

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Almost everyone assumes that marriage is a sign of love and commitment, but marriage doesn’t always mean that the couple loves each other. In the play Othello, the relationship between Emilia and Iago is hardly considered love. Emilia is a strong and independent woman, but she still wants to satisfy her husband. Iago, on the other hand, is just using Emilia to get what he wants. Emilia and Iago might be married, but they do not truly love each other.
True love means that a person would never cheat, even if the reward was exceptional, but Emilia clearly states that she would cheat on Iago if there was a benefit to them. “Who would not make her husband a cuckold to make him a monarch?” (Shakespeare 4.3 85-87). If they love each other, then they
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As a matter of fact, they have the exact opposite of that. Iago kills Emilia out of hate and anger he has for her. ¨Emilia fearlessly denounces him, and when Iago's involvement becomes apparent, she exposes his schemes just as boldly. In reprisal, Iago stabs her”(Boyce). After Emilia realizes what Iago did, she tells Othello the truth, and that made Iago extremely mad. He has gotten so close to his goal, and everything had fallen into place so perfectly until the very end. Iago probably knew that Emilia would connect the dots, but he probably thinks that she would be too scared to tell anyone, or that she would be loyal to him even though he never cares for her. “The woman falls!Sure he hath killed his wife”(Shakespeare 5.5 283). Iago just stabs her out of hate without a second thought, then he just leaves. Even if he liked her a little bit, he wouldn’t be able to just stab her. He clearly hates her for telling everyone his scheme. If Iago truly loves Emilia, he never would have has to create his evil plan to satisfy himself. If he loves her and still created the plan, he wouldn’t have to get her involved, and he wouldn’t have had to kill her. Everyone knows that Iago is evil, but if he loved his wife, he never could have killed her. Iago clearly hates Emilia, or else he would never kill

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