What Are The Similarities Between King Henry VII And Anne Boleyn

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King Henry VII and Anne Boleyn
Throughout the years, several couples have made history with their love stories. King Henry the Eighth was notorious for his many loves, but the one that stands out most of all is the lady some say he called for on his death bed, Anne Boleyn. Actually, a ten year time period or so occurred before King Henry and Anne could be together. Anne wanted “Queen or nothing,” so queen she became (Tudor History).
Anne Boleyn came from a rather wealthy, known family. Her father, Sir Thomas Boleyn, was a London merchant stock who was talented in foreign languages. Sir Thomas did well in choosing his bride, Elizabeth Howard, the sister to the third duke of Norfolk. Together, Sir Thomas and Elizabeth Boleyn had three surviving
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Henry VIII had already had an affair with Anne’s sister, Mary, who had to leave court with an unhappy marriage and illegitimate son. Anne learned from Mary’s mistakes and heartache, and refused to be the King’s mistress. Anne wanted to be queen, not just another affair. Anne Boleyn told the monarch, “Your wife I cannot be; your mistress I will not be (National Geography).” This prompted King Henry to several actions that would cause a conflict between England and the Roman Catholic Church. Henry pursued Anne, buying her gifts, writing her love letters, and spending more and more time with her. The two experienced a long waiting period before their love could be public, around seven years. Because Henry thought Anne could give him the perfect heir to the throne, a son, Henry tried his best to end his marriage with Catherine. However, seeking a divorce from the Pope would be a difficult task to accomplish, even for a …show more content…
One of which was Jane Seymour. Many loved the sweet, mild Jane and Anne’s enemies, such as Thomas Cromwell, pushed the King toward Jane more. In 1536, Cromwell persuaded the King to sign a document investigating in treason against the Queen, and in April Mark Smeaton, a musician and dear friend to the Queen was arrested on charges of an affair with Queen Anne. More arrests followed. Even her brother, George Boleyn, and on May 2, Anne herself was arrested and taken to the Tower of London. She was charged with adultery, incest, and plotting to murder the King. All the men were put on trial and were not allowed to defend themselves. They were found guilty and

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