The Love Canal Episode Is One Of The Major And Most Publicized Environmental Disasters

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The Love Canal episode is one of the major and most publicized environmental disaster recorded in America history. In recent time, it has been described as an epidemic. It became a focus of intensive and extensive studies on health effect, environmental studies and epidemiologic research (Friis and Seller, 2014, p.20; Jasanoff, 1998 p.83). This paper attempts to bring to light how a community is forced to bear the consequences of decision made by greedy and negligent corporate bodies. It is the exposition of conflict between scientific evidence, politics, economic and health consideration. In what resulted into litigation that lasted for several years.
“The Love Canal was a toxic waste disposal site located in Niagara Falls, NY. It is a rectangular 16 –acre, 10 ft. deep landfill centered in a residential neighborhood in northwestern New York State” with an estimated population of 77,050” (Gensburg, Pantea, Fitzgerald, Stark, Hwang & Kim (2009 2009 p.209). Niagara County, New York is known for its industrial activities mainly chemical and allied product manufacturing (Kim, 1981, p.58). Love Canal began in 1880s, when William. T. Love in an attempt to provide cheap hydroelectric power for the industrial estate, began digging a canal to connect upper and lower Niagara River. But this plan failed due to economic depression and the canal was abandoned. Local residents then used the canal as a swimming hole (Hoffman, 1995 p.6; Phillips, et al.…

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