The Louisiana Purchase Negotiations And The Constitutionality Of The Purchase

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The Louisiana Purchase Negotiations and the Constitutionality of the Purchase The negotiations pertaining to the acquisition of the Louisiana Territory from France began prior to Robert Livingston departing for formal dialogues in France with Bonaparte. The earliest stage was when Livingston went to France to engage in an intake process to determine Frances plan for the Louisiana Territory. Prior to the final negotiations, Livingston made intense efforts to tap into what the French were hiding as a means to figure out their weakness. The United States was always a step ahead of France because they were already aware of the Spain transferring power over the territory back to France. These points are verifiable with an excerpt from “An Immense Wilderness: The Louisiana Purchase and the Destiny of America” by Jon Kukla which states, “Regardless of the merits of his scheme, Livingston used it to keep Napoleon thinking about the arguments advanced in his memorandum about Louisiana while he waited for guidance from Jefferson about how much to offer and for what” (242). This gravity of this portion of the text lies in how it refers to a document he composed as an appeal to France which confronted reasons as to why it would not be in the best interest of France to hold on to the Louisiana Territory. Additionally, this quote is of importance as it highlights how the primary objective of Livingston’s pre-negotiation efforts, was to foster a willingness on Bonaparte’s part to…

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