The Louisiana Purchase By The United States Essay

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The Louisiana Purchase Let us take a trip back in history to look at the Louisiana Purchase. At the very beginning of the 17th century, France traveled the Mississippi River valley and thereby established scattered settlements in the region. By the middle of the 18th century, France was powerful and controlled a large portion of what is now known as the United States. The Louisiana Purchase which transpired in 1803 was basically a land deal between the United States and France with the US acquiring nearly 827,000 square miles of land which was located west of the Mississippi River for $15M. This was a major purchase as having access to the port of New Orleans was critical to American commerce. It was thought at the time that only the revolutionary war was more compelling.
France was slow in taking control of Louisiana, however, the Spanish authorities, believed to be acting under French order, and revoked the US-Spanish treaty that granted Americans the right to store goods in New Orleans. Talks began between the US and France with President Jefferson sending future president James Monroe to aid in the talks. The talks were successful with the US envoys agreeing to pay over $11M and to also assume claims of American citizens against France in the amount of $3.75M. In looking back at this transaction, the land was purchased for a little less than three cents an acre – a price that seems like a penance when looking at the price of land today. The greatest benefit of…

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