The Louisiana Purchase And The United States Essay

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The Louisiana Purchase was an offer from the French that opened up many

beneficial opportunities for the growing United States. Land west of the Eastern seaboard was

territory claimed by the French; however after the Seven Year’s War France had lost its

dominance over the land and transferred control to Spain. France had later found itself in need

of funding for the war they were fighting in Europe. The United States, with their growing

population and need for expansion, found the opportunity extremely beneficial in both doubling

the size of America and offering numerous trade opportunities. Nevertheless, from evidence

provided in the transcript of the Louisiana Purchase and President Thomas Jefferson’s secret

message to congress regarding the Lewis and Clark expedition we can observe how this

alliance affected the United States, France, and the American Indians who populated the


Jefferson stated in his secret message sent to congress, “In leading [the Indians]

to agriculture, to manufactures, and the civilization; in bringing together their and our

settlements, and in preparing them ultimately to participate in the benefits of our governments.”

(Hart 80) These notions for civilizing the Indians into domestic farming and trading were made in

order to cease Indian hunting and populate their hunting grounds. Jefferson also expressed that

he felt the nation needed to come to better terms with the Indians. “We consequently…

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