The Louis J. Esposito Dining Hall Essay

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The Louis J. Esposito dining hall is a popular location on Temple University’s urban campus where those who have a meal plan congregate. Not only does it serve as a location for students and faculty to eat, but it also is utilized as an area for socializing and completing homework. Due to this reason, the dining hall is regarded as a cosmopolitan canopy. As described by Elijah Anderson, author of the piece The Cosmopolitan Canopy: Race and Civility in Everyday Life, cosmopolitan canopies are “settings that offer a respite from the lingering tensions of urban life and an opportunity for diverse peoples to come together.” (xiv) The Louis J. Esposito dining hall offers the ability for people of different ethnicities and backgrounds to converge, converse, and connect with one another. As of result, a sense of community is established; this feeling can be challenging for some to discover on campus. Whether it be the intense rush of students urgently walking from class to class or the avoidance of eye contact with others on the street, it may be discouraging for one to find a place on campus where he feels comfortable enough to talk to others. The dining hall serves as an environment where opportunities to meet different people are present; however, many people do not take advantage of the benefits it possesses. Although the Louis J. Esposito dining hall is considered a cosmopolitan canopy due to the rich diversity that it attracts, it is often times plagued by the division of…

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